Breast Cancer Awareness

This month is breast cancer awareness month and I have been seeing a lot of pink ribbons around so this month is the time to wear pink and donate to a great fund.



As you can see I have already made a bracelet and got a ribbon with a shirt. The ribbon came from school because it was pink day in school today and whoever donated a minimum of 25 cents got a pink ribbon.

This is a very common disease that people don’t always survive from so be aware and ” join the fight”.


We Have Arrived

Today my family and I arrived at Hershey PA at 6:00 pm. So far it has been lots of fun staying at the La Quinta Hotel. There is a great view of the plains and the pool was excelent. I can’t wait to go to Hershey Park tomorrow. I hope you would consider coming here because it is lots of fun.


This is Emma and I, you can find her blog by clicking on the link in this post

I am also here with Thank you for joining, and I almost forgot to add Emma’s website this is her link See you soon 🙂 .