Can’t Wait For Halloween

I can’t wait for Halloween. It is one of my favorite times of year. I am going to be FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi. This is a picture of him:


So far I got cleats, socks, shin pads, soccer ball, the FC Barcelona jacket, and the hair cut. All I need is the jersey. Anyway I just can’t wait for Halloween.


I know the haircut isn’t exact but I like it.


Cup Stacking

This is something I love to do. It’s called cup stacking. I love it so much and it’s a great way to concentrate and focus on something. I originally got this as a birthday present last year and I am still using it.

These are some pictures of the cup stacking set and set ups:



This is the timer.


This is one of the main set ups.


This is the logo for the competition that the WSSA has for people of all ages all around the world. Some of the WSSA competition videos are on You Tube and they are really fun to watch.


Finally, this is another one of the set ups that people use for cup stacking.

Michael Jordan

This post is about one of the best basketball players, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan played on the Chicago Bulls with the number 23 jersey. His career ended when he retired in 2003. This man also played baseball for a short time on the Birmingham Barons before his basketball career. He has his own product of shoes called Jordans, Air Jordans, etc. . This is a picture of his shoe bellow which is still very popular.

Air Jordans

Air Jordans

These shoes don’t only come in this color and design. Now MJ is a 51 year-old golfer who has retired as one of the best basketball players ever.

I hope you got all of the information about this basketball player and if you have any questions please comment bellow and I will get to you as soon as I can.

~Thank You~


Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings

Most of you know that the Boston Bruins had a very intense game with the Detroit Red Wings last night. If you didn’t know the score it was Bruins 3, and Red Wings 0. Both teams did a very great job but the Bruins took the lead. GO BRUINS!!!

This is a picture from last nights game.