Halloween Tips

Candy Giver Tips:

It’s almost Halloween ! ! ! If you are handing out candy then get prepared because Oct. 31 will come really fast. I am a kid so I know the type of candy kids like, here is a list:

Milky Way
Almond Joy
Jelly Beans
Candy Corn
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Reese’s Pieces

And so on

Enjoy !!!

Trick Or Treating Tips:

If you are trick or treating then have fun and to get really good luck, look up some neighborhoods close to you and plan out your route because that is how you get a whole lot of candy.

Everybody wants a whole lot of this,



If your lucky you will get some of these,


Happy Halloween !!!

Scaring Tips:

If you are planning to scare someone then here are some tips,

-always wear dark clothing or a dark costume

-hide in an unexpected spot

– when people come to get candy from your house jump out of your hiding spot

– scare people from ages 9-17 unless they are your friends or family.

– have fun and don’t blow your cover

Happy Scaring !!!


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