Rainbow Loom Design

I’m not really sure if I created this design or not but I am going to tell you how to make it.

This is what the final design should look like or something like this:


Anyway, here it is.

-You will need one c-clip, any color bands you would like, a hook and the loom.

– Use any color bands you would like.

1. Make sure that the red arrow on the loom is facing away from you.

2. Place one row of white on the middle row of the loom.

3. Place two more rows in the middle just like the first one, 1 red row then 1 white row.

4. Turn the loom around and put a single band on the end peg and turn it over on itself to create a ” cat band “.

5. Grab your hook, pull all of the bands on the first peg back except the bottom one, pull the bottom band up and over the peg to hook it onto the other peg.

6. Do this all the way up the middle row.

7. Repeat this process until you no longer have any bands to loop up and over.

8. Flip the loom around again, then get one single band, bring your hook through the the front bands grab the single band and pull it through to hook the other side of the single band onto the hook.

9. Pull all of the bands off of the loom with the hook and have the single band still on the hook.

10. Put a single row of bands on the left hand side of the loom, then get the single band that you have on the hook and put it right on the last band of the loom.

11. Loop the single row of band like you looped the rest of the bands all the way to the end.

12. Take a c-clip and an hook it onto the last band. Take the rest of the the bracelet off of the loom and hook the c-clip onto the other side of the bracelet also.

You have finished your bracelet. Comment your thoughts or questions.

~Thank You~ 🙂 🙂 🙂


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