Origami Ninja Star

In this post I will teach you how to make an origami ninja star.


First, get two square pieces of paper like this. (if you want to make a square paper then fold the bottom corner up and cut of the strip on the top of the paper)


Next, fold the papers in half and open them. There should be a crease in the middle. (like a book)


After that, fold each side of the papers inwards to line up with the crease like this.


Then, fold the papers over and it should look like this.


Next, fold the papers downwards to make a crease in the middle like this. (don’t mind the extra creases)


Then, fold the top and bottom corners like this. (it should look like a mirror image)


After that, fold each folded corner towards the center crease to form 2 triangles, and it should look like this.


Then, flip one paper over and put them crossing each other like this. (don’t mind the tape)IMG_0878

Next, put the top and bottom triangles in the slots right in front of them.


Do the same thing after you flip it over. It might be a little hard. Just go slowly.




Now I will show you how to hold it.

Hold it like this with your pointer finger on the top and put the bottom of the star in the middle of your thumb and finger.


Then put your thumb in the middle like this.



Finally, release it when your hand gets about 7 inches past your head.


I hope you enjoy this post and comment any questions. Thank You. 🙂 😉




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