Vanilla-Blueberry Parfait

In this post I will show you how to make one of my favorite snacks, a yogurt parfait.

You will need these ingredients


Dairy-free coconut milk yogurt (or original),


1/4 of a banana,


and KIND brand vanilla and blueberry granola clusters.



First put the yogurt into a bowl and make sure you got all of the yogurt out of the container like this.


Then you would put the banana into the bowl by cutting it up into small pieces and tossing them into the bowl like this.


Lastly you would pour the granola into the yogurt and mix it up so it should look like this. (the clusters I used where crushed up so if you have it come out with big clusters of granola that is fine too)



Mmmmmmm tasty.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy this tasty treat.

(There are some holiday posts coming soon because of Christmas and Halloween so come back soon) 😉 🙂



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