JC’s Sunday Cook Book: How to cut Watermelon Cubes

In this post I will show you how to cut a watermelon into small cubes. This is a recipe for greatness.


First you will need to buy a watermelon.  I got a half of a watermelon at the store.

The next step is to cut the watermelon into quarter slices like this.

Then, put two horizontal lines on the sides of the quarter watermelon that go all the way down to the center of the watermelon like this.

Next, put a few lines going parallel all the way down into the watermelon like this.

Now, shave all of the watermelon off of the outer shell like this.  Now the watermelon cubes are loose from the shell.

There will be some cubes stuck to the outer shell so just cut those out.

After you will see some extra little pieces of watermelon which you could either throw away or use them for anything that you would like.

Do these same steps with the other quarter(s) of watermelon, and you will end up with this.

I hope this helps you and come back soon



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