How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

In this post I will show you how to draw a simple cartoon dog

First you would start by drawing an upside down triangle like this.

Next you would draw a straight line on the top of the triangle and on the bottom make a curved line like this.

Then you would put another curved line on the other side of the triangle like this. (This makes the nose)

The next step is to add a tongue like this.

Then add one circle and then a half circle on the top line like this.

Next, put two small circles inside the larger ones like this.

The next step is putting the head which is a big line coming from the center of the eyes like this. (It also makes the ear)

Next would be to put a line from the ear to the tongue like this.

Then, draw a line from the back of the head with a small curve at the end like this. (This makes the back and the tail.)

Your almost done, now you have to put two legs, one attached to the tail and one attached to the ear like this.

Next, put a slightly curved line from the back leg to the front like this. (This makes the stomach.)

The next step is to add two more legs like this, and that is what your dog looks like.

Your not done yet, finally you need to just add some detail to your dog, like a black nose, grass and the toes on its paws like this.

Now you are done with your dog, and you can color it if you would like.


Thanks for joining me and I hope you come back soon.




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