How To Make A Fishtail Bracelet

This post will show you how to make a fishtail bracelet from the rainbow loom.




First you will need to find these items :

the loom

the hook

rainbow loom bands

the c-clip

-for this project, if you have a smaller wrist you would need about 55 bands, if you have a larger wrist you should use about 65 bands

1. First you would put one band on two pegs in a figure 8 form, like this.

2. Then you would put two regular bands on the top so it looks like the picture above.

3. Next you would use your hook and pull both sides of the bottom band up and over the pegs one at a time.

4. Then you would put another band on the top so there is always three bands on the pegs and pull the bottom band up and over.

5. Keep repeating this process over and over. ( a tip is to always pull the bands down after you pull the bottom band up and over the peg)

6. After you have done this process and have no bands left it should look like the picture above.

7. Now you would grab you c-clip and put it on the first band that you made like the picture above. (the bottom band)

8. Take your bracelet off of the loom and there will be two extra bands, take them off and put the rest of your bracelet on your finger.

9. Put the end of the bracelet back on the loom.

10. Put the c-clip on the other end of your bracelet and pull it off of the loom.

This is what your bracelet should look like at the end.

If you have any questions about this design or any other post, just go to that post and comment your question.

~Thank You~


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